EnrollX Simplifies Employee Benefits

From planning and strategy to budgeting and execution, our team manages your benefits administration so that your team can focus on employees.

EnrollX manages the complexities of benefits administration, education, compliance, and strategies for our clients.   We process all the paperwork, communicate with employees, and manage all the nuances that make voluntary benefits so complex.

  • HR Staff focuses on employees instead of programs.
  • Budgets and costs are closely monitored and respected.
  • Employees better appreciate and participate in programs.
  • Emphasis on communication and planning helps with overall strategy.

Professional Standards

EnrollX team members have decades of experience in benefits planning and administration.

Employee Education

Our professional team educates a workforce on variations within a plan, making sure they comprehend all benefit options.

Modern Solutions

We design benefit program structures that meet the demands of a modern workforce with updated tools, options, and technology.


We take pride in helping employees maximize their benefits and understanding how to impact overall health and well-being.

Our Services

Voluntary Benefits

We support employees’ specific needs and ensure ample coverage, simple enrollments, and ongoing support.

Flexible Spending Accounts

This popular option allows employees to control their own payments and benefits.

Benefit Administration

Maximum flexibility and benefit for each enrolled employee.

Benefits Communication

We manage all the details and communicate with each employee.

Our Team

Implementation Manager & Senior Benefits Advisor

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Western PA Sales Director

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