Voluntary Benefits Administration

We support employees’ specific needs and ensure ample coverage, simple enrollments, and ongoing support.

Voluntary benefits, otherwise known as supplemental insurance or employee-paid benefits, are products, benefits, or services offered by employers but mostly or fully paid for by employees via payroll deductions at a reduced group price. Voluntary benefits include things like life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and disability income, to name a few.

We customize programs to fit your needs

Our approach to voluntary benefits ensures that the right program is available for your employees, without forcing undue burdens on the business or the family.   We tailor each option to suit the need.


With medical costs increasing throughout the United States, it is important to protect yourself by having accident insurance; this will help pay your medical bills if an accident was to occur alongside your normal health insurance.

Critical Illness

If certain Illnesses run in your family, it may be important to consider critical illness insurance. This coverage will assist you on medical bills if you experience a critical illness such a stroke or heart attack.


How would you pay the bills if you couldn’t work? This is where disability insurance can be the solution, this insurance gives the client a check each month to help pay for bills or living expenses. We offer short or long-term disability insurance to our clients.

Life Insurance

This insurance acts as a safety net for your family after you pass on. By helping pay for funeral expenses and other expenses that you may leave behind. This provides comfort and relief for your family in grieving time.

Cancer Plans

Many Americans suffer from cancer every year. This plan can help offset the costs of treatment, testing, and lodging. By offsetting the cost, it can help families be more financially stable through these trying times.

Dental/ Vision

Most people receive some type of vision and or dental treatments throughout their life. This plan assists on helping pay for dental and vision appointments, treatments, prescriptions, and surgeries.

Gap Coverage

  • Covers out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance)
  • Defined Narrowly so as not to cover categories prone to excess utilization, such as prescription and routine office care.
  • Complements the major medical plan, by only covering medical services that are eligible under the major medical policy
  • Easy to use, including assigning benefits to the provider, which expedites payment
  • Enables employees to cover expenses year- round, even early in the year when there would likely be limited funds in a Health Savings Account.

Hospital Income

You never know what life will throw at you, so being prepared with Hospital Income can help relieve your family if you are in the hospital by sending you a weekly or monthly payment which can help you pay your bills.

Identity Theft

Many Americans using the internet to pay bills and purchase items this can increase your chances of having your identity stolen. This program will protect your family and give you peace of mind when you make purchases.

Executive Carveout Programs

Do you want to reward your key employees? We have the solution, we offer executive carveout programs that offer larger term life insurance plans then what is available in group plans. This shows your key employees how much you care about their loyalty & hard work.