Benefit Administration Simplified

Our experienced team helps ensure maximum flexibility and benefit for each enrollee.

We offer a customizable full-service website that our IT team provides to you.

  • Allows open enrollment, new hire events and year-round qualified status changes
  • Supports agent-assisted, call center, co-browsing and self-enrollment methods
  • Creates an educational enrollment experience with dynamic benefits communication and decision support tools
  • Accommodates your specific business rules related to plan eligibility, coverage and cost
  • Allows easy configuration and updates for products and other information
  • Provides online delivery of consistent benefits communication materials to improve employees’ understanding of available benefits and increase their overall satisfaction
  • Streamlines billing and provides detailed reporting, such as real-time reporting of employees who have and have not enrolled
  • Enables greater accuracy and timeliness of EDI files by automating transfers directly to carriers and payroll administrators


An employee-friendly enrollment allows your employees to update personal information, make or change benefit choices and coverage levels, and change dependents and/ or beneficiaries, quickly and easily.

Quick Enroll

Enables employees to keep their current benefits with a few clicks using the Quick Enroll feature


Features auto-enrollment for employees who do not make elections.